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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pros and Cons of One Day Potty Training

Who says it can be done?

Dr. Phil claims the guy can undertake it in one day, I seem to recall that some kid was rewarded by a call from other fave character (a buddy ready to play along) One mom says, "We were skeptical that this method would really guarantee a goodbye to diapers in only one day."

Unfortunately, I don't think it'll work with every child, and the stars would not line up for my particular child while I tried to potty train her in a day. This book offers a system of potty-training that is quick, but elaborate, and potentially a challenging time. Know better than to put a lot of expectations on your daughter.

Another mom says, "I withheld one star from my review because I figured the writer encouraged spending more money for this process than was necessary. I can't rate this book on content because I'm not planning to make this happen technique; it may be the best technique on earth but I am going to never figure out." Yet another says, "My son had two accidents before he actually peed within the toilet and contains had only one since (he couldn't get his pants down in time because he was holding a banana and didn't can deal with it.) After the original two accidents, he stayed dry between sitting on the toilet."

Come to your own conclusions.

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