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Monday, January 31, 2011

Using Clean-up as a Technique to Motivate Your Child During Toilet Training

Countless parents ask me personally throughout their toilet training process in what way to give their child that additional dose of encouragement to use the toilet. A common sense and simple tip I have provided is to have the youngster help in the cleanup of accidents. Instilling a feeling of personal accountability actually enables you to motivate your toddler to use the bathroom instead of the carpet!

The manner in which you behave as well as speak while tidying up is actually pretty important. When she has an accident, come up with a look on your face that conveys "ick!" Convey to her she is required to tidy up her gross, yucky, pee pee or poo clothing and also the icky mess on the floor.

Never act mad or even irritated whatsoever, but make it crystal clear to her that this is something that is icky and she or he has got to deal with. Make her remove her own garments. The first time one does this, show her in depth exactly what she has to achieve - but there after make her get it done by herself, making her do every step.

Tidy the floor to begin with. This will make her be in her wet clothes a little longer, and that is a motivator to not have it occur yet again. Then make her wipe herself down - if it is really messy you could take her to the bath tub and have her give herself a rinse-down. You will likely be silently cringing while doing this entire cleanup because she is prone to make the mess even worse as opposed to better!)

Immediately after she takes off the dirty clothes, pick them up like they are polluted with nuclear waste materials and bring all of them to the sink. ( Of course get rid of the poop from the panties in to the potty to start with.) Inform her she has to wash her icky clothes simply because they're now stinky and dirty from her pee or poop. Demonstrate to her tips on how to operate the water, place the knickers beneath the tap, squeeze and rinse out. Next take her towards area you want her to put her dirty under wear.

Show major relief - "Whew, that is certainly a whole lot better now that you are not soiled and icky any more!" Go find some good fresh knickers.

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.