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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Compelling Reasons to Consider Infant Potty Training

Below is a link to an article by Laurie Boucke, which outlines the medical community's views on infant potty training (also known as elimination communication.) She gives a very unique perspective on the topic - and how BILLIONS of people in the world think it is very natural and typical to never diaper their children. She also presents on of the best arguments I've ever hear about why early potty training is not damaging to children.

"If any harm is caused during any form of toilet training or any other aspect of child-rearing, it is generally caused by the overall parental approach, behavior and use of punishment (and not the fact that you are potty training an infant). In other words, there may be parents who are not ready for IPT, whereas a healthy infant in a stable and loving environment is ready if you are."

Click below to read Laurie's article. It is compelling reading.

Medical Views on Infant Potty Training

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

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