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Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Teach your Child How to Wipe...and a whole lot of other useful teaching tools!

From author Allison Pennell is a great article about teaching your kids how to do everything from wiping themselves to tying their shoes. It's written in a light-hearted and easy to read manner - you'll thoroughly enjoy the read!

“I can do it myself!” Surely, a battle cry for the ages? well, ages 2-18. In the spirit of the DIY revolution, we’ve put together our own home schooling guide, Babble style. Here are 25+ tips and how-to’s for teaching kids lots of useful and, frankly, not-so-useful-but-really-fun new skills, from floating in the pool to curing an ice-cream headache to losing like a winner. — Allison Pennell

Click Below to Read Allison's article:
The Babble Do-It-Myself Guide | Insight | Comment Page 1 | Babble Australia#comment-6526#comment-6526#comment-6526#comment-6526

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