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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Orlando Parenting Examiner: The real poop on swim diapers

Below is a link to a great article from the Orlando Parenting Examiner regarding the use of swim diapers. Key points to take away from the article are that a) swim diapers do NOT keep urine out of the pool. The products are designed only to prevent bowel movements from escaping into the swim water (yuck!) AND b)regular pull-ups or diapers will blow up like a balloon when used in a pool, although do serve the same purpose as a swim diaper to prevent a "Caddy-Shack" moment in your pool!

Click the link below to read the entire article:

Orlando Parenting Examiner: The real poop on swim diapers

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

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