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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to Deal With Potty Training Accidents

Tips and Ideas When Dealing with Potty Training Accidents:

Potty training is emotionally exhausting, physically exhausting, and mentally tiring. Try to take a deep breath before you react. Make your mantra "No emotion. No emotion. No emotion." You can always vent to a friend or family member later on.

After an accident, your child is likely to be upset and confused. Take time to calmly review the situation. Say something such as, "Oops, you didn't make it to the potty in time. You peed in your pants and in the floor. That feels very yucky, doesn't it. OK. Now we need to go get cleaned up." Your toddler will feel reassured that you are in control and will make him feel better soon. Try to make him an active participant in the clean up process.

Next, provide the appropriate solution. Ask your child what you should do next. Walk her through each step - moving to a different room, cleaning herself off, selecting new clothing, and getting re-dressed. Actively have her participate in the cleanup of the floor or area of the accident! Making your child responsible for his or her own accident will ultimately make them less likely to want to repeat the process.

Do try to stay positive, but do convey to the child that accidents are undesirable. Do this in a UNEMOTIONAL tone of voice! The child needs to understand that peeing in his pants is not a desired behavior, but that it isn't a behavior that will lead to anger or frustration from Mommy or Daddy. Always try to encourage your child that next time they will be successful - and make it clear that you are the number one fan in their cheering section!

1 comment:

SlowlyGrowing said...

Great advice. I wish I knew the "no emotion" trick from the beginning. It's so frustrating to have your toddler be accident free for days, and then have a day of nothing but.