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Monday, December 1, 2008

Toddler and Childhood Constipation

Below is a link to an article about childhood constipation: it's causes, symptoms, and various remedies.

Children often become constipated for a variety of reasons. One might be as simple as the fact that the child doesn't want to take time away from fun activities to go use the bathroom. For some children, a previously painful bowel movement can create fear and avoidance of having another.

Causes Of Childhood Constipation

Diet & Nutrition, Lack of Exercise, Emotional Upsets and Anxiety, Holding stools, Prescription Drugs, and less common causes of constipation such as depression, attention deficit disorders, and sexual abuse.

Constipation Symptoms

Less than 1 bowel movement per day, Stools that are hard and difficult to pass, headaches, fatigue and/or depression, accidental fecal soiling, or abdominal pain near or around the navel. Also bed-wetting, decreased appetite and nausea.

Constipation can undermine the whole body and it is now known that irregular bowel movements are directly related to serious health conditions. Constipation does not have to be a problem if you will practice prevention with your children and implement the suggestions found in this article. Regular bowel movements are an important mechanism for removing toxins from the body and thus keeping the body healthy. Remember: Prevention is always the key. As always, if severe symptoms persist, do not hesitate to see your healthcare professional.

Children Get Constipated, Too

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