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Monday, October 27, 2008

TEACCH - Toilet Training Children With Autism


For parents of children with Autism, the above link will take you to an incredible, must-read article about potty training. The TEACCH autism program is one of the best resources available. The article is exhaustive in its detail and is well worth the time to sit and absorb the information.
Teacch teaches parents how to use a structured principles for toilet training. The main topics covered in the article are:

1. How to look at toilet training from the child's perspective.
2. How to assess a child's readiness for potty training, including a system for recording an elimination history/schedule.
3. How to physically set up an area conducive to training.
4. How to establish visual aids for training
5. How to address specific problems, such as difficulty in pulling down/up pants.
6. How to establish a communication system between you and your child.

To learn more, or view the full article, visit http://www.teacch.com/toilet.html.

Another couple of useful resources for toilet training individuals with Autism are:

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