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Friday, September 5, 2008

Potty shopping with a potty pooper

The number of choices parents face when beginning to potty train can be overwhelming. This parent details her shopping experience when she went to buy her child a new potty. Apparently there aren't a whole of of just 'plain old potties' around anymore.

They have to make noise, or cheer, or look like lighthouses, or glow in the dark. This isn't anything compared to the choices available when trying to decide on HOW to potty train your child. The author talks about all the different methods (including my own Potty Boot Camp book.)

It really is confusing and mind-numbing - and is one of the reasons I wrote the book to begin with! For parents who are unsure of what methods to use, I did write an Amazon guide that reviews all of the different methods and techniques available - from infant training to child-centered. The guide is available at:


Good luck on your potty training adventures!

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