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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let potty training kids wash their hands with the bathtub faucet

Here is a tip that is so obvious I think most of us wouldn't even think of it. Instead of lifting your child up to the sink, teach them how to wash their hands with the bathtub faucet. This gives the child independence and saves a whole lot of back strain for you!

This also begs a question: Why in the world don't restaurants help out us parents by simply placing a step stool in their restrooms?? (Particularly the 'family friendly' ones??)

Read the original Parent Hacks Link: Let potty training kids wash their hands with the bathtub faucet Parent Hacks#comment-129205622#comment-129205622#comment-129205622#comment-129205622

On a related topic, I also found this great book for children about hand-washing. Kids sometimes seem to believe the lessons they learn in books more so than the lessons they learn from their parents, so it can't hurt to reinforce your teachings.

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