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Friday, September 26, 2008

DadLabs - How to Prep a Potty Training Kid for a Night Out

Another funny 'DadLabs' Skit....

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

DadLabs - How to Use a Russian Doll to teach Potty Training

This is a funny clip from the show 'DadLabs' The topic of the day was toilet training, and the Dads used a couple of dolls to play-act the potty process. Good for a laugh!

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Visual Aids for Toilet Training - Useful for Kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, Special Needs

It is a well-accepted practice to teach children with special needs is through the use of visual aids. The website below provides a great benefit for parents - a FREE down-loadable toilet training visual aid pack.

Click Here: http://www.visualaidsforlearning.com/toilettraining-pack-learning.htm

Visual Aids for learning is a company that develops images to streamline and support learning; empowering people to participate and achieve success and independence.

Many, many, children can benefit from learning through visual aids, including:

• Down Syndrome;
• Autism Spectrum Disorder;
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder;
• Language disorders and delays;
• Hearing impairment;
• Developmental delay;
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder;
• English as a second language

This company provides these services at NO CHARGE and provide an invaluable service to the community. They apparently only generate income through the advertising on their site...so visit often and click those ads!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Potty Training Aid - Tinkle Tube - Baby Rock Apparel

By Baby Rock Apparel, the Tinkle Tube is a new tool for potty training boys on the go. Inexpensive and easy to carry around, the Tinkle Tube can be whipped out at a moment's notice when your little boy says, 'Mommy, I have to go Potty!'.

The manufacturer gives very specific instructions about how to place the tube on your child's 'little soldier.' (See below.) I guess it's primary function is not to actually pee INTO but rather to function as an aiming tool. It helps to get the pee in the correct location, while keeping your hands clean.

I don't have a little boy and can't fully appreciate the benefit of the aiming function (I'm sure many of you would disagree) and I can't help but picture it as a little penis crutch. Where the product would come in handy, I think, is as an emergency potty-on-the-go. I can't think of how many times I frantically ran around a store trying to find the bathroom....or ran around the park looking for a bush. With the Tinkle Tube, a potty is never as far away as your purse.

From the Baby Rock Website:

The Tinkle Tube is simple tool that allows you to assist your little dude to go potty while out on the go during the oh so fun potty training period. You can even use it as an emergency toilet while on the go.

Benefits - FAST, EASY & CLEAN - Reduces time in the restroom, no need for toilet seat covers, more sanitary than toilet seat covers, prevents the child's clothes from getting wet, acts as an emergency toilet when traveling, no need to entirely take off shoes, pants/shorts or underwear, packs easily into a travel or diaper bag, reusable, and washes out easily with soap and water or an antibacterial agent, prevents you from touching boys little soldier, which keeps you and the child clean. Boys have fun using the Tinkle Tube!

How does it work? - Stand the child on or in front of the toilet seat with your assistance. Be sure to hold the child securely at all times to prevent him from slipping and falling. Unzip or pull down the boys pants. Remove both caps from the Tinkle Tube. Place the Tinkle Tube over the boys little soldier. Now hold and aim the tube towards the toilet. Shake the tube out, rinse and replace the caps. Store the Tinkle Tube in your bag for the next use.

How do you care for the Tinkle Tube? - Wash with soap and water or an antibacterial agent after use. Do NOT place the Tinkle Tube or caps in the dishwasher. Do NOT bend the Tinkle Tube.

WARNING - Never allow a child to stand on the toilet seat alone. Do not allow the child to put the tube or caps in his mouth. Do not use the tube if it cracks.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Can You Possibly Pick the Gender of Your Baby?

This is not potty training related material, but today a friend of mine told me about a website that she claims helped to actually allow her to "pick the gender of her child."

As a health care provider, my first instinct was to try to continue smiling and not have an expression of pure skepticism on my face. (I'm thinking to myself, yeah, uh-huh.....that's about as likely as me winning the lottery tonight.)

Nonetheless, my friend told me to check out the website and just see what I thought. She swore it worked for them. (She had two boys and finally a girl on her third pregnancy.) At this point I was still thinking, "Yeah, right...it's a 50/50 shot and you just got lucky."

But.....I went and looked. The writer of this eBook is Ashley Spencer. I wondered what her qualifications were. She doesn't have a medical degree or even a medical background, from what I can see. What she does have is knowledge on the topic that comes from years of research.

You've all heard of the old wives tales.....position can make a difference, time of day can make a difference, what you eat can make a difference....and on and on. She had heard and researched the validity of all those claims. (None of which, by themselves, I believe can really work.) Ashley started to get my attention when she talked about scientifically combining all of those "old wives tales" into one method. (Woman on top, at 7 a.m., when the moon is full! - Ha ha.)

As much as I hate to admit it, her theories started to make sense. If you look at her website, she goes over everything that could, or might, make a difference in the sex of the child you conceive. This includes diet changes, intercourse timing, intercourse positioning, changing your pH levels, etc.

We all know of someone whose family conceives only boys...or only girls. There is obviously some factor there that causes this pattern. There is obviously some unknown factor that makes those people more likely to have children of only one sex. So, if you yourself can duplicate even in some small sense the 'climate' of your baby making....maybe there is some hope that it might actually work.

So, I guess what I'd say is to check it out. She sells the book for $47, but there is a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn't work. (With no time limit.) What if it DOES work? I think you'd agree that $47 would be a small price to pay. You've got everything to gain and as far as I can see, nothing to lose.

My friend is hardly a large-scale scientific study...but based on her experience I just now might be a believer.

To find out more about "Pick the Gender of Your Baby" Click Here!

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

Does The Potty Boot Camp Really Work?

Tyler, Kate and Shawn: I THINK I MIGHT BE A BELIEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the title of a post from a blog written by a mother whose son just went through The Potty Boot Camp.

It is normal, of course, to be skeptical of anything you read on the internet. On The Potty Boot Camp website, I have a long list of testimonials - all real, all from parents like yourself. There is, however, no proof for you that I didn't make them all up! That's why I was so excited to find this mom's blog post. You can follow her first two days of Potty Boot Camp below: (Culminating in the 'I think I might be a believer' comment!)

From the 'Tyler, Kate and Shawn Blog':

Day #1:

Day #2:

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Potty Poncho

In keeping with the theme of fear of public bathrooms, I found the 'Potty Poncho'. The potty poncho is a large, one piece, foldable, washable, re-usable toilet seat cover. It comes is a handy carrying pouch that you can keep in your purse, glove box, or diaper bag. Whip it out, place it over the toilet seat (it covers the ENTIRE seat), and then pick it back up when you're done. For parents, the product eases the stress of thinking about the nasty germs that might be lurking on the seat. When your toddler is gripping onto the seat you can rest easy that the Poncho is the only thing the child is touching.

When done, the company recommends wiping the cover with an anti-bacterial wipe before folding. When the seat cover seems to be getting a bit grimy, you can throw it in the washing machine. Wah-lah! Good as new.

This is a great choice for the environment since you won't be disposing of all those other toddler seat covers made from paper. It's a bit more expensive to begin with, but a whole lot cheaper in the long run - and you're also buying some peace of mind.

The Poncho is available from Amazon (see above) or from the company's website at:

Potty Poncho.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Potty Mitts

Always on the lookout for helpful toilet training products, I've come across 'Potty Mitts'. Invented by a mom, her company 'Tudy's' make both the Potty Mitt Products as well as the 'Mac and Cool' freezable dish. (Which I own, by the way, and always keep in my freezer to avoid standing around blowing on food like a crazy person.)

The concept behind Potty Mitts is that they are disposable 'gloves' that slip over your child's hands right before entering a public restroom. Moisture (and germs) won't penetrate through the mitts, and so you don't have to stress about what gross item your child might be touching.

The only disadvantage I can see is that it might make it difficult for the child to wipe themselves. If you're helping them anyway, though, it won't be an issue. Personally the peace of mind might be worth having to help wipe.

To check out Potty Mitts, visit this link: Potty Mitts

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Be Strong and Courageous: Toilet training update

Below is a link to a blog post I happened to stumble across while surfing the Internet. I love this mother's attitude!

She has made a couple of points that I love:

1. The second you put a diaper back on your child, they will forget everything they learned.


2. Toilet training doesn't last forever - like pregnancy, it feels like an eternity but will be over eventually!

Click this link to read the whole original post: Be Strong and Courageous: Toilet training update

One of the comments after the post is from a reader who suggests letting your toddler put a sticker on the actual toilet seat when they use it. This is a unique twist on the standard sticker chart and might be a little more motivational for kids. What child doesn't like to destroy property??? I love the idea. Just figure that the eventual $20 for the toilet seat replacement is an investment in your child's future!

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Potty shopping with a potty pooper

The number of choices parents face when beginning to potty train can be overwhelming. This parent details her shopping experience when she went to buy her child a new potty. Apparently there aren't a whole of of just 'plain old potties' around anymore.

They have to make noise, or cheer, or look like lighthouses, or glow in the dark. This isn't anything compared to the choices available when trying to decide on HOW to potty train your child. The author talks about all the different methods (including my own Potty Boot Camp book.)

It really is confusing and mind-numbing - and is one of the reasons I wrote the book to begin with! For parents who are unsure of what methods to use, I did write an Amazon guide that reviews all of the different methods and techniques available - from infant training to child-centered. The guide is available at:


Good luck on your potty training adventures!

To read the entire original article, click below:

read more digg story

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let potty training kids wash their hands with the bathtub faucet

Here is a tip that is so obvious I think most of us wouldn't even think of it. Instead of lifting your child up to the sink, teach them how to wash their hands with the bathtub faucet. This gives the child independence and saves a whole lot of back strain for you!

This also begs a question: Why in the world don't restaurants help out us parents by simply placing a step stool in their restrooms?? (Particularly the 'family friendly' ones??)

Read the original Parent Hacks Link: Let potty training kids wash their hands with the bathtub faucet Parent Hacks#comment-129205622#comment-129205622#comment-129205622#comment-129205622

On a related topic, I also found this great book for children about hand-washing. Kids sometimes seem to believe the lessons they learn in books more so than the lessons they learn from their parents, so it can't hurt to reinforce your teachings.

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Potty Training Toddlers with New Varsity Baby Potty Chair – Make Toilet Training Fun

Here's a unique twist on the usual child's potty - the Flush and Cheer Potty Chair by Varsity Baby. Instead of some annoying jingle that gets stuck in your head, this potty chair sings your Alma mater's fight song! (Right now they have Brigham Young, Indiana University, and the University of Maryland, with more to come soon.) It also comes in a variety of colors. Another option is the 'personalized' potty chair, which can be programmed with your child's favorite song or special message.

The Varsity Baby Company says about their product:

Every child loves a game. Why not turn potty training into a game that boys and girls will want to play? The Flush and Cheer Potty™ Chair lets children associate their “winning” achievements on the potty with the joy they see others experience with ballgames. Its sporting appearance and musical flush allow your child to capture the rewarding sense of accomplishment when he or she “reaches their goal.”

Each Flush & Cheer Potty™ Chair comes with an exciting Reward Certificate, which you can personalize for your child once potty trained!"

Having been in development since the end of 2007, the management of Varsity Baby proudly announces that the Flush & Cheer Potty™ chair is currently in production and the first shipment will be available in late fall 2008. Retailers and distributors of potty training products will be able to add this unique college sports -themed musical potty chair to their fall season inventory in time for the 2008 football and basketball seasons.

Word spread quickly about the successful results demonstrated by the prototype potty chairs, and numerous families and retailers of potty training products have been anxiously waiting for the chance to buy them.

Anyone who has ever gone through the potty training experience with a child understands the benefit of making it a short process. The Flush & Cheer Potty™ Chair integrates several motivating techniques into its design. When a child accomplishes his or her ‘goal’, they “flush” the potty chair and it plays the fight song from the family’s favorite sports team. The music is accompanied by a recording of adults cheering them on in the same way that parents cheer when watching a ball game. The child is ‘rewarded’ by experiencing this same excitement they witness from their parents.

The inventor of the Flush & Cheer Potty™ chair, Joe Viglietta, explains his relief in being able to finally bring this fun concept in potty training to the marketplace. “After quickly getting my two daughters through the potty training stage, friends, family and neighbors kept prodding me to build one for their kids. Some of my business associates then encouraged me to share this unusual potty training idea with others by mass producing it.”Now after months of hard work, Mr. Viglietta has been able to get the company established and the potty chairs are nearly ready for delivery.

One of his business associates, Wendy Thanisch, has been patiently waiting for the potty chairs to become available. She states, “I’ve got several friends preparing to start the potty training process with their children. These will make great gifts for them, especially after witnessing how fast Joe’s girls succeeded.

In addition to the college themed potty chair, Varsity Baby will also be offering its newest concept, the Personalized Flush & Cheer Potty™ chair, which is of the same design, but does not include the sports theme. The personalized version will allow parents to record their child's favorite music, or even simply customize a message to their child as often as they would like. This latest model is expected to be initially as popular as the College Flush & Cheer Potty™ chair, but it has the potential to reach a broader base in the potty training market.

To learn more, visit: Potty Training Toddlers with New Varsity Baby Potty Chair – Make Toilet Training Fun

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.