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Friday, October 10, 2008

WeeMinder Potty Training System

Here is a new product that is likely to give the "Potty Watch" a run for it's money....

It's the Wee Minder. When toilet training, repetition is incredibly important. (A key part of The Potty Boot Camp is 'Timed Intervals.') In the past, I've always recommended the 'Potty Watch' because plays cute little jingles when it's time for your child to go to the toilet.

The unique features of the Wee Minder have me excited! Not only does the unit play a 'jolly and catchy' song, it comes with a storybook and DVD. The cute little character is a bunny who teaches kids to 'Hop Hop' to the potty!

When you make potty training fun, or like a game, it only helps to improve motivation and made your training that much more successful!

The following is a direct quote from the company's press release:

The WeeMinder® Potty Training System is a pro active, fun and interactive approach to the universal problem of potty training. Wally the Wallaby is the "potty animal" and he demonstrates to children good choices and practices throughout the day as he himself uses his WeeMinder® in potty training.

Kids will love to watch and relate to Wally's trials and learn from his good example of how to be a "potty animal" and hop to the "potty place."

The WeeMinder® is an alarm that your child wears that you set to go off to "wee-mind" them to try to hop to the "potty place." This empowers the child and puts the power in their hands and gives them the opportunity to "choose" to be in control of their potty training.

For More Information visit http://www.weeminder.com/

A good source for the WeeMinder is Amazon.com

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