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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TootnTinkle - Adventures in Toilet Training

The name of this company is so cute and catchy. I've got to give them credit for coming up with a name that is memorable!

Toot-n-Tinkle offers a full line of potty training products. There are training potties, sticker, sticker charts, toilet seats, and reward packs. For the boys are 'Toot Balls' which are good for target practice. (No sprinkling while tinkling!)

The characters are cute and should be appealing to kids. Toot is a little train (for the boys) and Tinkle is a pink fairy. (For the girls, of course.) Also handy is the 'Tinkle Timer.' (The Potty Boot Camp program advocates the use of a timer during one phase of training - another product kids really like is the Potty Watch)

Right now the only catch is that the Australian-based company does not appear to have any U.S. distributor. I'll be keeping my eyes open for when the products are available here in the States.

To Visit Toot-n-Tinkle:

TootnTinkle - Adventures in Toilet Training

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