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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Potty Training Toddlers with New Varsity Baby Potty Chair – Make Toilet Training Fun

Here's a unique twist on the usual child's potty - the Flush and Cheer Potty Chair by Varsity Baby. Instead of some annoying jingle that gets stuck in your head, this potty chair sings your Alma mater's fight song! (Right now they have Brigham Young, Indiana University, and the University of Maryland, with more to come soon.) It also comes in a variety of colors. Another option is the 'personalized' potty chair, which can be programmed with your child's favorite song or special message.

The Varsity Baby Company says about their product:

Every child loves a game. Why not turn potty training into a game that boys and girls will want to play? The Flush and Cheer Potty™ Chair lets children associate their “winning” achievements on the potty with the joy they see others experience with ballgames. Its sporting appearance and musical flush allow your child to capture the rewarding sense of accomplishment when he or she “reaches their goal.”

Each Flush & Cheer Potty™ Chair comes with an exciting Reward Certificate, which you can personalize for your child once potty trained!"

Having been in development since the end of 2007, the management of Varsity Baby proudly announces that the Flush & Cheer Potty™ chair is currently in production and the first shipment will be available in late fall 2008. Retailers and distributors of potty training products will be able to add this unique college sports -themed musical potty chair to their fall season inventory in time for the 2008 football and basketball seasons.

Word spread quickly about the successful results demonstrated by the prototype potty chairs, and numerous families and retailers of potty training products have been anxiously waiting for the chance to buy them.

Anyone who has ever gone through the potty training experience with a child understands the benefit of making it a short process. The Flush & Cheer Potty™ Chair integrates several motivating techniques into its design. When a child accomplishes his or her ‘goal’, they “flush” the potty chair and it plays the fight song from the family’s favorite sports team. The music is accompanied by a recording of adults cheering them on in the same way that parents cheer when watching a ball game. The child is ‘rewarded’ by experiencing this same excitement they witness from their parents.

The inventor of the Flush & Cheer Potty™ chair, Joe Viglietta, explains his relief in being able to finally bring this fun concept in potty training to the marketplace. “After quickly getting my two daughters through the potty training stage, friends, family and neighbors kept prodding me to build one for their kids. Some of my business associates then encouraged me to share this unusual potty training idea with others by mass producing it.”Now after months of hard work, Mr. Viglietta has been able to get the company established and the potty chairs are nearly ready for delivery.

One of his business associates, Wendy Thanisch, has been patiently waiting for the potty chairs to become available. She states, “I’ve got several friends preparing to start the potty training process with their children. These will make great gifts for them, especially after witnessing how fast Joe’s girls succeeded.

In addition to the college themed potty chair, Varsity Baby will also be offering its newest concept, the Personalized Flush & Cheer Potty™ chair, which is of the same design, but does not include the sports theme. The personalized version will allow parents to record their child's favorite music, or even simply customize a message to their child as often as they would like. This latest model is expected to be initially as popular as the College Flush & Cheer Potty™ chair, but it has the potential to reach a broader base in the potty training market.

To learn more, visit: Potty Training Toddlers with New Varsity Baby Potty Chair – Make Toilet Training Fun

Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

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