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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Potty Mitts

Always on the lookout for helpful toilet training products, I've come across 'Potty Mitts'. Invented by a mom, her company 'Tudy's' make both the Potty Mitt Products as well as the 'Mac and Cool' freezable dish. (Which I own, by the way, and always keep in my freezer to avoid standing around blowing on food like a crazy person.)

The concept behind Potty Mitts is that they are disposable 'gloves' that slip over your child's hands right before entering a public restroom. Moisture (and germs) won't penetrate through the mitts, and so you don't have to stress about what gross item your child might be touching.

The only disadvantage I can see is that it might make it difficult for the child to wipe themselves. If you're helping them anyway, though, it won't be an issue. Personally the peace of mind might be worth having to help wipe.

To check out Potty Mitts, visit this link: Potty Mitts

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