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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Potty Hammock Portable Toilet Seat Cover

I'm always on the lookout for unique potty training products, and I've found one that sure isn't well-known. It's the Potty Hammock.

The Potty Hammock is a "sleeve" for your toilet seat. You lift the seat up, slide the hammock down and secure it. Once in place, it won't slip around - and the best feature is that it totally covers the nasty, germy toilet seat. When your toddler grabs onto the seat to steady themselves, for once you won't have to wonder about what exactly they might be touching.....

When I was potty training, I stuffed one of those padded toilet-seat inserts into my diaper bag. The drawback to carrying around one of those (besides the bulky size) is that people were constantly looking at me, wondering why in the world I would carry around a toilet seat. The Potty Hammock folds up and fits into your purse, pocket, or bag - discreetly. It's also washable, so if anything might happen to splash onto it you can just throw it into your washing machine.

Wish I had one when I was toilet training!

I found the product at Mom4Life.com for $19.95.

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