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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sonic Granades: Potty Training Strikes Back

Here is a funny potty training story posted by a parent whose son made an very keen observation while toilet training:

Sonic Granades: Potty Training Strikes Back

I had a funny moment as well while potty training. My daughter had just finished going #2 in the potty. Of course she had to admire her handiwork. In fear of giving you too much information, the poop had broken into three pieces. Megan started into the toilet, looked up at me and said, "Look Mommy! A Poopy Family! A mommy poopy, a daddy poopy, and a baby poopy!" (Apparently all was well in poop land...until the whole family got flushed!)

What is your funny potty training story? Please let me know using the comment form below the post.

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