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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Personalized Potty Song

I love it! The folks at http://www.pottysong.com/ have come up with a downloadable, personalized, song that helps with potty training. Every time your child goes potty, you can play this song to celebrate their achievement! I'll warn you, though...the tune is catchy enough that it is likely to get stuck in your head.

According to their website, benefits of the song are:

  • The Potty Song generates excitement through a personalized, upbeat and easy to remember song that speaks directly to the potty training child.

  • Toddlers at the potty training age know their name and get excited about a song made just for them.

  • The Potty Song is so catchy that it’s hard for a toddler to get it out of his head. This reminds him that he wants to hear it again which in turn reminds him that he needs to use the potty in order to make that happen.

  • The length of the song is just right for the attention span of toddlers. Toddlers get so excited to hear the song, but it’s short enough to leave them wanting more. The desire to hear it again and again generates motivation to use the potty again and again.

  • Singing the song together can be a fun bonding experience for parent and child. This adds to the excitement and increases motivation to repeat the process.

  • Unlike candy or prizes (other popular motivational tools), you always have The Potty Song with you (even if you have to sing it without the CD). Also, candy and prizes create an added cost and create a reward system that is materially oriented…not relationally oriented like The Potty Song.

    Post by Suzanne Riffel, author of "The Potty Boot Camp: Basic Training for Toddlers" - a new, fast, easy toilet training method that produces remarkable results.

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