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Monday, March 24, 2008

Potty Training a Child With Down Syndrome

Potty training for children with Down's syndrome can be challenging. Parents of these sweet children are often stumped about when to begin training.

Below are some general guidelines about when to start the training process with intellectually disabled children. (Taken from the website 'Down Syndrome and Beyond' at http://www.cdadc.com/ )

  • If the child's IQ is 70, start training at age 3
  • If the child's IQ is 50, start training at age 4
For far more information about toilet training children with disabilities, please visit the Down Syndrome and Beyond page on toilet training at
http://www.cdadc.com/ds/potty_training.htm .

I am certainly no expert on this topic but the authors of this website certainly have extensive knowledge, tips, and advice. Their experience seems to be from first-hand knowledge - they are also raising a child with Down's Syndrome. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

There has been proof that you cannot test the IQ of a child this young. These are not appropriate guidelines.

hermanoslatinos said...

I am sorry but you can't start potty training due to a child's IQ, if you have a child with down syndrome, your child will let you know when they are ready to potty train. Anything else will be just frustrating for you and the child.

Mom with an angel.



Anonymous said...

IQ's have nothing to do with training your child with intellectual disabilities. If you base your educational goals solely on this, you are shortchanging your child tremendously. My daughter, who has DS, was taught her alphabet at 1 and she knew 12 letters after only a few short months. By age 2 she could visually identify ALL letters and numbers, yet she couldn't speak in full sentences nor could she walk. She is now 3 and we have been working on potty training slowly due to her lack of physical mobility. As soon as she is walking, I plan on stepping it up. In the meantime, I am also working on teaching her how to read and I don't even care what her IQ is nor do I care that she has Down syndrome. Treating your kids like any other child is what will push them to do amazing things give them the confidence to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Anonymous said...

I agree these are not appropriate guidelines for potty training. When a child is able to ambulate, pull pants down and safely get onto the toilet you are ready! My son is 5 and is just learning to do all the above and yes, he has down syndrome.