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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Toilet Urine Shield for Boys?

A common dilemma for parents is that of whether or not to use a "urine shield" for their boys when toilet training. Urine shields serve the purpose of preventing urine from spraying everywhere when a toddler boy sits down on a training potty - however there are some definite disadvantages.

If the urine shield isn't a permanent fixture, there is a risk of it getting bumped and knocked into the toilet - with the scary prospect of it landing in urine or poop! I've read a report of a mother whose little boy cut himself on a less-than-smooth edge. The shields are typically mounted on the front of the potty, forcing the toddler to scoot backwards into a somewhat uncomfortable position.

I recommend instead teaching your little boy to "tuck" it instead. This is a more practical, safer, and cleaner approach - at least until you teach him to stand and aim!

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