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Monday, December 3, 2007

Potty Training Toddler Watch

For parents enrolled in The Potty Boot Camp, a timer is an integral part of training during days two through five. A unique product is the Potty Watch. Instead of relying on a kitchen timer, the toddler wears a watch that can be programmed for different intervals. When it's "potty time" the watch plays one of a few different songs and reminds the child it's time to go.

I have found that many children will adamantly say "no!" when a parent tells them to go to the toilet; however if some object tells them it suddenly becomes OK - it takes away the "power struggle" between parent and toddler. It also helps that no child can resist any kind of noise-making appliance!

I've checked around the web and it seems like the least expensive place to get the watch is EBay. Click HERE to go to the current EBay listings.

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