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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Potty / Toilet Training Pants - A Great Product for Kids in Daycare

I always encourage parents to NOT put a diaper on their child after beginning The Potty Training Boot Camp - it just serves as a source of confusion.

That being said, many kids who are being trained attend daycare or have a babysitter outside the home. Many times these childcare providers don't have the time and/or motivation to religiously continue the training process. For those toddlers, a good potty training pant is a must.

Good training pants will feel like underwear to the child, yet will keep leaks to a minimum. I have found a product that looks like it fits the bill.

The product is "Trickle Free Trainers", and can be found at Earthy Birthy Mama.com (Click the banner to go directly to their site)

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